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2pcs Honeycomb 16x3000 inches Wrapping Paper Roll; $32/pc

2pcs Honeycomb 16x3000 inches Wrapping Paper Roll; $32/pc

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Item Number HR1630
Name Honeycomb Rolls
Color Kraft
Imperial Dimension 16" x 3000"
Metric Dimension 40.64cm x 7620cm
Type Roll
Pcs/Case 2
Material Honeycomb Kraft Paper

Shipping Material: honeycomb packing paper offers an ingenious and efficient alternative to traditional foam cushioning. When sending delicate items, this versatile kraft paper provides impeccable protection within your parcels.

User-Friendly and Adaptable: Using our honeycomb wrapping paper is a breeze—simply tear off the desired length from the roll and wrap it around the item for an added layer of robust protection. Whether it's delicate tableware, glassware, vases, or more, honeycomb wrapping paper offers exceptional versatility. Moreover, it's an excellent choice for enhancing gifts, securing fragrances, cosmetics, artwork, decorations, and beyond.

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